Live Cover, Fresh & Frozen Semen...

Live Cover, Fresh & Frozen Semen...

Live Cover, Fresh & Frozen Semen...

Frozen Semen shipped worldwide...

Frozen Semen shipped worldwide...


SG-Cliff vom Schlossee IPO III Kkl1a for life

Cliff is the Pride of Our Kennel and is an amazing and truly a once in a lifetime dog!

2018 German WUSV World Team Member!


2018 German BundesSieger 5th Place

2017 Landesgruppen Sieger LG 13

4-time Landesgruppen Competitor

2018 Mehlsack Pokal Champion with 99 in Protection!

DOB: March 29, 2012
Color: Bi color
Height/Weight: 65 cm/88 lbs. in working condition.
Result: Kkl-1a
HD-ZW: 69
Show score: SG
Health results: HD/ ED Normal

He is the last-born son of the Legendary Sid vom Haus Pixner IPO III Kkl 1a with very strong Dam bloodlines as well. My breeding program has been designed around old foundation blood lines; Cliff is a product of just such breeding. He is an incredibly balanced dog with high drives, big grips, power and a clear head. He has lived in the house with two children under the age of six years old and still performed at the highest levels on the biggest competitions.


Cliff was highly used as a stud in Europe and Asia prior to his arrival.
We are incredibly proud and honored to announce his arrival to our home and breeding program. Many thanks to my dear friends Rienk Heersma and Isabel Schmid for their trust in me to provide Cliff a lifelong home.

Cliff is available for live cover or fresh and frozen semen shipped worldwide.


SG-Irak vom Schwarzen Bar IPO III IPG III FH1 FH2 KKl1a

Irak is an incredible natural tracker!

017 Vice-Sieger Landesgruppen FH with 97 points
2017 German BundesSieger FH Competitor
2018 Landesgruppen FH2 Competitor
2018 Mehlsack Pokalkamph – 5 th place
2018 Landesgruppen Qualifier for German BundesSieger 4 th Place
2018 German BundesSieger – 12 th Place with 95 in Protection
2019 Flutlich Pokalkampf – 3 rd Place with 98 in Protection
2019 LandesGruppen Competitor with 96 in Protection

*** His highest IPO III score is 97/96/100! ***

DOB: November 24, 2014
Color: High Luster Black
Height/Weight: 63.5 cm/75 lbs. in working condition.
Result: Kkl-1a
HD-ZW: 86
Show score: SG
Health results: HD Nearly normal/ ED Normal, DNA checked, Free of Spondy, LUW -) (SV)



Irak is an amazing dog with many High Finishes in trials in Germany. He is multiple times FH2 and has numerous “V” score in Tracking and Protection. Besides being an incredible natural tracker, he is super powerful in Protection as well as biddable in Obedience.

He has lived as a house dog while successfully competing and has wonderful character, EXTREME drives and is 100% sociable with no handler aggression.

He is one of the best Zico von der Adelegg sons going over Vito vom Waldwinkel and thus WUSV world IPO III Champion Tom van’t Leefdaalhof.His dam line is equally impressive going over Yedi, Olex de Valsory,Nick vom Heiligenbuosh and Sid vom Haus Gremm.


Irak is available for live cover or fresh and frozen semen shipped worldwide.


V- Hannes vom Speedteam Bodensee AD, IPO3, IPG3, Kkla for Life

Hannes has a Superb Temperament and Balanced Drives

Competition History
2017 – V (Excellent Rating) in show. This is rare for a working dog.
2018 – Melsack Trophy Trial 4th Place, with 91 in Obedience and 96 in Protection
2018 – LandesGruppen Trial Competitor (German Regional IGP 3 Championship)
2019 – LandesGruppen Trial Competitor 5th Place overall (German Regional IGP 3 Championship) with a Qualifying place at the BundesSieger Prufung (German National Championship)!
2019 – 7 Country European IGP3 Championship 3rd Place
2019 – Bundes FCI IGP3 Championship 13th Place (FCI German National IGP Championship)
2019 – German SV BundesSieger Prufung – (German National IGP Championship) Competitor

IPO 1 – 100/94/98
IPO2 -98/94/96
IPO3 – 99/96/97

DOB: April 12, 2015, 6 years 3 months
Color: Bi color
Height/Weight: 64 cm/85 lbs. in working condition.
Result: Kkl-1a
HD-ZW: 83
Show score: V
Health results: HD/ ED Normal, DM: N/N, DNA Checked in Germany, LTV-O
Hannes is an amazing animal with Superb Temperament and Balanced Drives, he was trained by one of the finest trainers in Germany, Tanya Scholl. He was her personal competition dog successfully competing at the Highest Levels possible. Even though he is a powerful male in his work, he is good with children and can live in the house. He is a pleasure to be around, is extremely obedient and lives to please his owner.

He is a proven stud dog reproducing his type.

His record speaks for itself. He is a competition ready male that can step onto the IPO competition field and is suitable for other sports as well. If you are looking for a true companion, stud dog or a super candidate for the Universal Sieger Competition then look no further.
He is offered for sale and at stud to approved females. Live cover, fresh chilled or frozen semen available, shipping worldwide.



Hannes is a product of his excellent old school German foundation line pedigree. He is not alone as his sister Hexe is an IPG3 FH2 competitor and 2x’s LandesGruppen winner and BundesSieger competitor as well!
His father Bill vom Schlossee IPO3, IPG3, FH2 was a multiple time Regional and National Championship competitor in Germany as well as a member of the Belgian World IPO3 Championship team.

Hannes is offered for sale and at stud to approved females. Live cover, fresh chilled or frozen semen available, shipping worldwide.


Frozen Semen Available

V–2015 GSDCA Universal Sieger Ayk vom Horrenwinkel IPO 3, KKl-1a

Multiple Times IPO3– Always Pronounced in Hardness and Courage

2015 GSDA National Universal Sieger Champion

2015 Vice-Sieger GSDCA National Championship

2015 WUSV Universal Sieger – Qualifier – Italy

2015 WUSV Combined World Championship Qualifier

2014 WUSV World Championship Qualifier –Turkey

2014 German LGA Competitor


IPO3-8 times – Highest Score – 96/98/97

Ayk produces large boned healthy pups with Superb Temperament, High Drives and Clear heads.

Pedigree Links:


“vom Haus Schair” continues to endeavor to combine the best in working lines with correct structure to produce the finest offspring.

Frozen semen available – shipped worldwide.


Frozen Semen Available

SG Gringo von der Mohnwiese BELGIAN WORKING CHAMPION, IPO3, SchH3, 2X WUSV 2005 & 2007

2x WUSV Competitor for Belgian Team in 2005 and 2007

9th Place WUSV World Championship Finish in 2005.

23rd Place WUSV World Championship Finish in 2007.

2nd Place Belgian GSD National IPO III Champion in 2005


SchH1: 99-95-96=290
SchH2: 98-96-97=291
SchH3: 99-96-97=292

Gringo is a very famous, strong, extreme energy, high drive, upper medium sized male known for producing strong dogs.

Gringo is a direct son of Tom van’t Leefdaalhof.

His Dam Bleia von der Mohwiese IPO3 Kkl1a is a Jago von der Lindenhalle daughter and Mink and Grief vom Herkulesblick granddaughter

We believe this to be the last sperm from Gringo in existence.


Gringo von der Mohnwiese

Frozen semen available – shipped worldwide.