Richard Schair

Head Trainer/Director of Breeding

“Rick” as he is known to friends, opened his first training kennel in 1975 and quickly began importing dogs from Germany primarily for police work and sport. Within two years the business was importing more than 20 dogs per month from Germany and working with Police Departments from New York to California as well as sport enthusiasts. These were the early formative years of both Police dogs and the German Sport of Schutzhund now known as IPO in the USA.

Titling his first Schutzhund dog in 1976 and competing in his first Schutzhund III National Championship in 1978. He has been active since that time titling multiple dogs to Schutzhund and AKC titles, competing in several Regional, National and International events.

He has qualified for Four WUSV/WUSV Universal World Teams as well 4 times scoring 100-point performances in IPO III tracking; once at the RSV2000 WM World Championship and at The GSDCA National Championship with various “V” performances overall and in all IPO III categories.

He is proud to have accomplished:


5th place in the 2014 WUSV World Universal Sieger Championship in Slovakia

19th place in the 2016 RSV2000 World Championship

NASA Vice-National SchH III Champion

2 x’s GSDCA Vice National IPO III Champion

4th place GSDCA-WDA National Championship

GSDCA-WDA IPO 1 National Champion

SE Regional IPO II Champion

3rd place SE Regional IPO III Champion

Mid-East Regional IPO III Championship Highest scoring dog in trial

USCA WUSV qualification participant.


Rick is the only handler ever to win both the Universal Sieger and Universal Siegeren titles at the GSDCA National Universal Sieger Championship on the same day (male and female).



He has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to own, handle and/or train many wonderful dogs including: 

Etzel vom Amselof SchH III Korung– 1980 Rottweiler Bundesseiger Champion and USA National Schutzhund III Competitor


Silge vom Busecker Schloss SchH III – Sister to the Bundesseiger Sagus vom Busecker Schloss


Cherry von der Eisqelle Schutzhund III KKl1a – Seven Country European Schutzhund III Champion


Urs vom Elbachtal SchH III KKl1a – WUSV and Bundessieger Competitor and USCA National Schutzhund III competitor


 Alf vom Julioeck SchH III KKl1a – German BundesSeiger Competitor and USA National Schutzhund III Competitor

Nikko von der Ruine Engelhaus IPOIII – 1977 USCA GSD National SchH III Champion 

In the last 10 years Rick has trained and handled various dogs for titles and/or titled multiple different Schutzhund dogs including:

Cora vom V Rio Negro IPO III KKl-1a
R-Alf Ot Vitosha vom Haus Schair IPO II
Pan vom Ruhbachtal IPO II

SG-1 Anna Von der Seilschaft IPOIII-KKl1a–2011 National IPO III Championship and WDA Universal Sieger Qualifier scoring 292 in IPO I and 286 in IPO III

Franta “Frank” Anrebri IPO III KKl-1a – National IPO I Champion, SE Regional IPO II Champion, multiple times IPO III, National IPO III Championship Qualifier, 292 points in IPO III

V 10 -Ayk vom Horrenwinkel IPO3 KKl1a – 2014 WUSV Qualifier 2014, LGA competitor, 1st Place 2015 GSDCA International Sieger Champion, 2015 Vice-National IPO III Champion and 2015 WUSV Combined Qualifier.

SG-1 Gypsy vom Rosenschlag IPO III KKl1a – 2014 WUSV Universal Siegeren in Slovakia 5th place, 2015 GSDCA Universal Siegeren 1st Place, 2015 WUSV Universal Sieger Championship Qualifier Italy, 2015 WUSV Combined Qualifier 7th place, 2015 WUSV World Team Qualifier (alternate), 2016 GSDCA Vice National IPO III Champion, 19th place at the RSV2000 WM World Championship with 100 in tracking.

SG-Paul vom Ketscher Wald IPO III Kkla – Landesgruppen Sieger 2x’s, 2016 RSV 5th place World Championship, 2016 Mid East Regional Highest Scoring IPO III Dog in Trial, 3rd Place 2018 South East Regional IPO III Championship.

Ike vom Haus Schair BH “a” – Great young Gipsy son currently in training and to be competing in
Germany in 2019

Excaliber vom Schlossee “a” – Very powerful young make sired by Bordy Blendy in training and competing in 2019-20

Rick is currently successfully competing with his new dog:

Ego z Danaru IPO 1 – 99-93-96=289 V – High in trial, tracking, obedience and protection in IPO I.

He is a member of DVG, GSDCA, USCA and RSV2000 and trains with a small group of individuals for continued success.


Dana Jill Benbow

Trainer-Kennel Master-Breed and Puppy Supervisor

Jill is the backbone behind the operation without her endless energy and devotion to the animals and their care nothing here would get done!

She has an innate ability to read dogs of any breed, to handle aggressive dogs along with a great understanding of canine behavior and training techniques. Her understanding of dog nutrition, medications and conditioning has proven invaluable.

She is an experienced kennel operator who has been a shift leader for boarding and training kennels housing as many as 300 dogs at a time. She was responsible for the implementation and development of a format of coded collars for sex, aggressive dogs and medications. 

Her varied experience encompasses all breed obedience and IPO Training.

She is a former director of training for the Greyhound Program at the Men’s Correctional Facility in Nashville, Tennessee. The program was aimed at the rehabilitation of inmates through interaction and training instruction of the dogs to instill a feeling of self-worth while developing empathy for other living things. The program also provided occupational training for the inmate dog trainers as a future dog trainer providing an addition job opportunity.

Commendably, the program aided in the placement of hundreds of former track dogs.